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Zenkon Yamako
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Ocean Edge City Ruins, YamaCoast Island
Favorite genre of music: Game, Techno, Trance, Electro, Remix
Favorite style of art: -none-
Operating System: Hazaki Industries UOS
MP3 player of choice: -none-
Wallpaper of choice: LQ-84i
Personal Quote: "Look! The ruins of Ocean Edge City are sinking right into the ocean."


+Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirlI hate artists writers block by zaz14ispottermadArt Block Stamp by Khrinx

+++PLZ Accounts!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
:icontheyfoundmeplz::icondarkrageplz::iconforeveraloneplz::iconforeverwthplz::icontrollfaceplz::iconforeveralonemouthplz::iconragemanplz::iconmegustamuchoplz::iconlikeasirplz::iconisayplz::icondealwithtrollplz::iconmingplz::iconlaplz::iconholaplz::iconhypnolaplz::iconohnoesohplz::iconalrightgentlemenplz::icongrumpycat-plz::iconbisonyesplz::iconilied-plz::iconohyeahplz::iconfuckyeaplz::iconsawbplz::iconmingflailplz::iconlolowlplz::iconhandspazzplz::iconfacepalmplz::iconhomerhide-plz::iconcannotevenplz::iconexcitedplz:Foxy coming for ya! - Five Nights at Freddy's by GEEKsomniac
'Nightmare' of the Darkness by Zenkon13''Nightmare'' of the Darkness [Berzerk Form] by Zenkon13
First of all I would like to introduce to my most favorite character I made: "Nightmare" of the Darkness. Nightmare is the most unique of all my characters I made not only in his appearance, but his back story and personality. Nightmare has more details and a solid background story compared to any other character. I put so much details, it's like he's ready to be featured in a story of his own (and he will be apart of one story). This is why I chose Nightmare to be featured in this journal entry.

Dan the Dragon (v2) by Zenkon13
My second character of choice is Dan the Dragon; I chose him since he is one of the youngest and most adorable of all my original characters. I mean, anyone who plans to create a large cast of characters must have at least one adorable character, AT LEAST ONE!! And for me, I made Dan... :]

Wolf Pack - Wolf (v3) by Zenkon13

Next up is Wolf, who had to be apart of this journal entry. Wolf was an orphan early in his life, having no family or name. He later ended up in a secret military camp while running away from his hometown. As he ran away from one life, he entered a whole new life as a child soldier and later found happiness after being introduced to his new squad that would become the closet thing to a family to him. Eventually, Wolf learns the horrors of war as death it took everyone in his squad away from him; this shocking event scarred Young Wolf's life permanently and made him into the soldier he is today. No family, no past to remember, and an uncertain future for this young soldier... this is one reason why Wolf made it into this journal entry.

Dead-R REX by Zenkon13
An robotic undead-looking T-Rex, what's more to say here...

Zenkon, Father of Darkness by Zenkon13
Last but not least, I can not forget about the very same character who helped me create my username that I still use today: Zenkon, Father of the Darkness. Zenkon was created without having a name to identify with for over a week. After I finally named him, I searched the internet in search of "zenkon" to see if my new character's name was original (turns out, it wasn't). One day, I was surfing the internet and happen to find a website filled with artists and their artwork... DeviantART. I was really interested in this website and wanted to share my artwork. But even before I made my account, I learned that was a user already on DA with the name of Zenkon it was then that I decided to use my evil character's name and I slapped a "13" at the end of it and a new username was made. This is why I chose Zenkon to be apart of this journal entry.

Happy Birthday, DeviantART... =D
  • Mood: Stuck
  • Listening to: Kevin Sherwood & Malukah / Always Running
  • Playing: Sly 4: Thieves In Time

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